Some people fight for their limitations, I fight for their possibilities.”

I began my professional career telling stories live on television as a news anchor and reporter. I fell in love with giving the “underdog” a voice on a platform that would reach millions of people.

It wasn’t long before, I was giving my all day-in and day-out that she realized that my heart wasn’t in telling the type of stories my bosses deemed important; I was looking for stories that would have a much bigger impact.

I left the news industry after 5 years in the business. Truth be told, I was fired from my last station because of a “before and after” picture I posted of myself on social media. Something that was meant to inspire people intimidated others and I was let go. 

A pivotal moment in my life as I had a decision to make...

‘Should I stay in this toxic industry or venture out and create impactful change?’

In a matter of a few weeks of being let go, I decided to pack up my car from Spokane, Washington and moved to Orange County, California.

With $2,000 in my bank account and supporting loved ones in the area, I was able to get by and pursue my dream in entrepreneurship. I have had the pleasure of working with consulting with high net-worth entrepreneurs in their direct selling business and traditional companies as well.

Now I am living life abundantly helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. I am creating a bigger impact than I could have ever imagined through digital marketing and speaking on stages every month about building a credible and profitable brand WHILE sharing your authentic self!

I believe you too can have it all - success, financial freedom, family, time, health, happiness, and MORE. I’ve experienced it first hand, and want the same for you!


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